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We create cutting-edge digital learning content, specialising in Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate Game-Based Learning development.

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Our webstore features exclusive Articulate Storyline online courses and digital content to enhance your own digital learning creativity.


LearnDash LMS

We are the UK's leading recommended developers for LearnDash LMS. Speak to us today and start making money selling your courses through your own digital platform.


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Discover Doodle

Use your computer keyboard to control an animated character on screen. A first for Articulate Storyline 2 and 360!

Discover Doodle

Go on a space adventure with Rocket Boy! Blending game-based learning with visually stunning Adobe After Effects animation.

LearnDash eLearning Demo

Discover the possibilities of LearnDash LMS by visiting our demo. Create engaging learning experiences entirely within WordPress!

Discover Doodle

We develop high-quality eLearning templates. Check out our FREE Blockbusters game which you can download from our store Today!

UK Based LearnDash LMS Developers

SyncUp Platform

We Are Proud To Be The UK’s Leading Educational WordPress Development and LearnDash LMS Specialists

Using the powerful and affordable LearnDash LMS platform, we have created a variety of bespoke learning environments for various organisations across the world.

Each platform is fully customisable and scalable, meaning that it can be easily adapted into your organisation’s current branding and visual style. We will help you to create your bespoke platform, free from licence and subscription fees.

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The SyncUp Learning Zone blends seamlessly into our existing website and allows us to develop new online markets and provide a learning community with a social space for our existing clients.

Terri Egan, SyncUp Leadership GroupIntegrated LearnDash LMS Platform Developed By Discover eLearning

Cutting-Edge Instructional Design

Bringing Learning To Life Through Cutting-Edge
Interactive Content

At Discover eLearning, we are experts in using the latest technology from Adobe and Articulate to create visually engaging digital learning content that is designed to always meet the objectives that you need your learners to demonstrate or apply.

Our team has over 10 years collective experience working in Higher Education and fully understands the importance of good pedagogy within eLearning, and we can support you in developing bite-size learning material all the way up to complete accredited online courses.

eLearning Services  Mobile Apps and Games

Chameleon App

I wasn't expecting it to be so dynamic and interactive. I just assumed that an online course had to be ‘flat’, so I was really happy with the depth of it. Rather than just text, my course now contains animation and quizzes, making it come to life.

Jean Smith, FlirtologyLearnDash LMS & E-Course Developed By Discover eLearning

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We work with organisations of all sizes across various sectors

Discover eLearning work with companies across various sectors to create captivating learning experiences driven by the demands of the 21st century learner, and harnessing the absolute potential of technology. We deliver bespoke elearning development to take advantage of the latest advances in mobile technology, such as game based learning and mobile applications sold through the App Store.

If you are looking to sell your courses online, we can help you monetize your elearning by developing bespoke learning management systems that link to Stripe or Paypal, and provide guidance on how to get the most out of your training course for your target audience.

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