Password Protecting LearnDash Generated Elements – A Client Case Study

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At Discover eLearning, we work with clients based all around the world to help them fit the robust LearnDash LMS platform into their workflows.

We recently had the pleasure of working with a US based client who were looking to develop a platform for both the delivery of course content and the facilitation of formal examinations at the end of each course.

Because of the vast array of features that are built into LearnDash’s Quizzing options, we were able to create the exact environment that the client were looking to build at the time, but due to the strict rules regarding exam facilitation (for home-based learners), it was necessary for a third-party proctoring organisation to be involved during the month that exams were scheduled to run… Read More

WordPress LMS Development

Creating A Unique Identity For Your WordPress LMS

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Discover eLearning support businesses in both the private and public sector to take full advantage of online learning by creating WordPress powered LMS or Learner Management Systems, to compliment the learning journey from induction onto a course, through to assessment and accreditation. Not only will we fully develop a system fit for your business and what you aim to deliver, but also ensure that the look and feel, as well as the ethos of the platform, meticulously matches your brand.

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Building Snake in Articulate Storyline Part One

Adventures in Articulate Storyline – Recreating Nokia’s Classic Snake Game – Part One

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The technology world was a buzz earlier in the month with the news that Swedish mobile phone maker Nokia were re-inventing their 3310 for the modern day market. This was one of the very first mobile phones that I ever owned when I was a teenager and continues to live long in the memory purely for the entertainment factor that came from the imaginative LCD graphic games that came bundled in the phone’s operating system!

This started an interesting conversation with fellow colleagues about whether it would be possible to re-create the classic Nokia game Game ‘Snake’ entirely within Articulate Storyline. Read More

Discover eLearning Labs

Self-Diagnostic Assessment Tool for LearnDash #discoverelearnlabs

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We have been working on some really cool things in our Development Labs recently which we are really exited to share with you! For 2017, we will be producing a number of new videos that we will be uploading to YouTube, which showcases our work including enhancements and new opportunities that we are developing inside of LearnDash for all users.

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New LearnDash Demo Site

Our New LearnDash LMS Demonstration Site

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It’s a brand new year and we thought that our old LearnDash Demo Site, as good as it was, really needed a fresh lick of paint and a revamp with fresh features and showcase areas for all the great features built in to LearnDash Core Plugin, and all of the great third party plugins that are available from the likes of Uncanny Owl, WisdmLabs and ourselves at Discover eLearning! Read More

Articulate Storyline 3

Articulate Tease ‘The Next Big Thing’ Coming For eLearning Next Week, Rumoured To Be Storyline 3

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Articulate Storyline developers like ourselves were given a brief teaser from the company’s CEO Adam Schwartz in our inbox today that seems to suggest that the company are going to be releasing either a new version of their flagship eLearning authoring software, or indeed something entirely new, in a mere matter of days. Read More