Articulate Storyline Blockbusters Quiz Template

Free Articulate Storyline 2 Template: Blockbusters Style Quiz Game

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Today I am sharing with the eLearning community a template which I have produced in Articulate Storyline 2. Using this template you will be able to quickly and easily generate your own Blockbusters style quiz! The game is designed to be played individually or as a single team, with the objective of getting from one side of the letters board to the other without blocking your route.  Read More

The Power of Video in Education

How Can Multimedia Enhance The Performance Of Your Education Business Online?

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The web is an extremely powerful marketing tool, and empowers companies to engage with an audience of customers like no other medium can. But the web has grown and evolved over the last two decades, and content has become much more rich, interactive and social. In many ways, the audience on the web, which your business may be trying to attract, is much more savvy as a result. Take services like Twitter and Reddit, what these information service providers help people to do is curate and summarise the web. What many people now want is not to be bombarded with information and lots of text to read, but to instead be engaged, entertained and informed quickly, getting the information they need at an instant. Many education websites now take advantage of rich multimedia on their sites in order to provide prospective learners an instant hook to their courses and training services, because without rich content it can be very easy to quickly lose the interest of your audience. And on the web, first impressions really do count for alot, it is simply a part of our human nature.

Video promotion is over 6 times more effective than print and text (

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Twitter for education

The Great SAMR Debate of 2015

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A very interesting debate took place over the weekend on the Twitter account of a popular edtech ambassador based in the United States named Alice Keeler (@alicekeeler). The tweet addressed to Alice which kicked off the debate was an innocent enough question on the surface, asking Alice for her recommendations for a PDF annotation tool which they could use in class with students. To which Alice responded:

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School is often based not on problem solving, which perforce involves actions and goals, but on learning information, facts, and formulas that one has read about in texts or heard about in lectures. It is not surprising, then, that research has long shown that a student’s doing well in school, in terms of grades and tests, does not correlate with being able to solve problems in the areas in which the student has been taught (e.g., math, civics, physics).

James Paul Gee “Creating Smarter Students through Digital Learning”
Reflector Student App

The 1:1 Tablet Classroom Gets Another Boost – Reflector Student App Review

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I have recently been very impressed by the quality of the Reflector 2 app made by Squirrels LLC to mirror mobile and tablet devices to a computer device. It was this very application, at the very reasonable price point of $14.99 (~£9.50) , which we ended up using to make the promotional videos on our website at Discover eLearning.

And on Sunday the high quality apps continue to come from this developer with the announcement of Reflector Student.

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