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Discover eLearning Working With Oxford Martin School To Bring Typhoid Education To Life!

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Discover eLearning is privileged to be working with Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford in producing a number of new digital educational products.

A mobile tablet game and brand new website are currently under development as part of a physical and digital exhibition to celebrate the advancements in science and research in irradiating the disease known as Typhoid. Read More

The Power of Video in Education

How Can Multimedia Enhance The Performance Of Your Education Business Online?

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The web is an extremely powerful marketing tool, and empowers companies to engage with an audience of customers like no other medium can. But the web has grown and evolved over the last two decades, and content has become much more rich, interactive and social. In many ways, the audience on the web, which your business may be trying to attract, is much more savvy as a result. Take services like Twitter and Reddit, what these information service providers help people to do is curate and summarise the web. What many people now want is not to be bombarded with information and lots of text to read, but to instead be engaged, entertained and informed quickly, getting the information they need at an instant. Many education websites now take advantage of rich multimedia on their sites in order to provide prospective learners an instant hook to their courses and training services, because without rich content it can be very easy to quickly lose the interest of your audience. And on the web, first impressions really do count for alot, it is simply a part of our human nature.

Video promotion is over 6 times more effective than print and text (

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