Free eLearning Resources

Free eLearning Resources

The Top 5 Places For Free eLearning Resources

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The Internet is a wonderfully creative place full of inspiration that you can harness when approaching your next creative project. If you work as an Instructional Designer, or as an eLearning Developer like ourselves, you can find an array of helpful assets that can help get your project off to a flying start, the trick is knowing where to look! In this article we are going to share 5 websites which you can sign up to or check out for yourself right now to find useful content to help with your next project: Read More

Articulate Storyline Blockbusters Quiz Template

Free Articulate Storyline 2 Template: Blockbusters Style Quiz Game

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Today I am sharing with the eLearning community a template which I have produced in Articulate Storyline 2. Using this template you will be able to quickly and easily generate your own Blockbusters style quiz! The game is designed to be played individually or as a single team, with the objective of getting from one side of the letters board to the other without blocking your route.  Read More

School is often based not on problem solving, which perforce involves actions and goals, but on learning information, facts, and formulas that one has read about in texts or heard about in lectures. It is not surprising, then, that research has long shown that a student’s doing well in school, in terms of grades and tests, does not correlate with being able to solve problems in the areas in which the student has been taught (e.g., math, civics, physics).

James Paul Gee “Creating Smarter Students through Digital Learning”