How To Add Custom Fonts To Your LearnDash LMS Certificates

Certificate Fonts in LearnDash

By default, the number of fonts that you have to choose from when creating your course certificates within LearnDash LMS is fairly limited. This is because the certificate itself is generated by a separate web application built into LearnDash called TCPDF, which follows its own rules for how font files are used within the program. If you are looking for a different style of font than what you currently have by default in LearnDash however, thankfully this can be done following just a few easy to follow steps which we will guide you through:

All of the following steps can be seen in our latest YouTube video:

1) Find your font file which you want to use in your certificate.

This could be an existing font file already on your computer, or one that you have found on the Internet. Make sure that the font file itself is a TrueFont format file (.TTF) and that you have the obtained the rights to use the fonts commercially if you are using it in a course which generates revenue.

2) Go to the following website to convert your font file to be compatible with TCPDF.

Use this website to convert your TTF file. Once complete, you will be given three separate files which we need to upload to our web server.

3) Upload the font files into your LearnDash plugin in the correct folder.

On your web server, navigate to your LearnDash plugin folder within your wp-content/plugins directory. Next you need to navigate into Includes/Vendor/TCPDF where you will find a fonts folder that contains all the default font files used by LearnDash. Upload your new font files into this folder.

4) Edit your certificate HTML code in LearnDash to include the new font family.

The final step in the process is to apply the font family style to whichever tags in your HTML certificate generate the line of text that you want to use the new font. To do this, simply apply a CSS style of ‘font-family:”Insert Font Name Here’. The font name itself will be whatever you typed into the name box on the website where we generate the TCPDF compatible files. Once this is done, hit the blue update button and your new font will be appear when a new certificate has been generated.

For more customisation options relating to the LearnDash LMS Certificate module, such as how to add your own user metadata shortcodes, check out our range of LearnDash Addons available in our webstore.

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