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Custom Features and Add-ons

Discover eLearning work with the LearnDash LMS toolkit to create truly personalised digital learning experiences. We also like to experiment with the platform to see how we can further enhance the digital learning experience, particularly through integration with leading eLearning development tools such as Articulate Storyline.

Here is a selection of what we have been working on and what we have to offer:

Enhance The Mark Complete Process For Topics

LearnDash Topic Progression Using Storyline / Captivate – WordPress Plugin

Our flagship addon plugin for LearnDash gives the power to course developers to dictate exactly when a topic should be marked as complete through learner actions that take place within a piece of Storyline or Captivate eLearning content.

Further Enhance Your Course Progression Possibilities

LearnDash Lesson & Topic Progression Using Storyline / Captivate

This Toolkit will provide you with all of the features you need to integrate your Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate content with LearnDash LMS.

By popular demand, our new premium plugin gives you the ability to hide the Mark Complete button on LearnDash lesson pages as well as topic pages! Meaning that your eLearning content produced in either Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate can be used on either Lesson or Topic pages within LearnDash to have learners trigger the Mark Complete process.

Pre-Assess Your Learners Prior To Enrolling Them Onto The Right Course

Self-Diagnostic Assessment Tools for LearnDash LMS

Our Self-Diagnostic Tool for LearnDash LMS allows for learners to complete a pre-assessment check before they are enrolled onto any courses/groups on your platform. This is particularly useful if you need to automate the process of assigning your learners onto the correct learning pathway on your platform dependent on their existing skill level. You can also use this tool to assign users to courses based on other questions you may wish to ask such as geographical location or organisation. A fully customised experience will be developed for you by our development team.

Increase Learner Engagement Through Game Based Competition

Game Based Leaderboard Systems for LearnDash LMS

If you are looking to create a full gamification experience for your learners within your LearnDash LMS platform, then our live leaderboard system will help to ramp up competitiveness and increase motivation for your users to come out on top! Using our leaderboard system, information can be passed from your quiz or game based eLearning content such as name, team, scores and achievements awarded during an activity, and displayed on a front-end leaderboard page which the user can access to compare their results with other users. Please take a look at our video on this page for a full overview of what the user experience can look like. Our development team will work with you to create a fully customised experience to your required standard.