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Examples Of What We Can Offer

Custom eLearning Development Plans

Level 1
Basic eLearning Activity
- Slide-Based Presentations
- Basic Interactions
- Formative Assessments ie. Quizzes, Drag And Drops
- Stock Graphics and Audio
- SCORM and Tin Can xAPI
- Technical Support
Level 2
Advanced Game Based Activity
- Fully Game Based Learning
- Highly Interactive And Modern
- Full Initial Script and Storyboard Signoff Process
- Customised Graphics And Audio
- SCORM and Tin Can xAPI
- Technical Support
Level 3
Full eLearning Course Development
- Needs Anaysis Driven Course Development
- High Levels Of Interaction And Engagement
- Branching Scenarios And Personalised Learning Delivery
- Bespoke Learning Outcomes
- High Priority Production And Quality Guarantee
- Technical Support

Consultancy and Emergency Support

The development team at Discover eLearning are available to support eLearning and Learning Technology Development projects at short notice. Our rates can be based on either hourly or day rate, dependent on scale of project and what best suits your needs.

Get in touch with us via our Contact Page with a full and clear description of your technical requirements, and we shall get back to you as soon as we can.

Our Style, Philosophy and Approach

eLearning has come a long way since its first inception as linear, ‘push’ learning based experiences that were digested stand-alone through a computer. We now live in an age where people can live, work and learn truly mobile. We also learn and digest data generated by our peers all around the world. And more people enjoy games and app-centric content experiences.

Our team has over 15 years combined experience as learning technologists within Higher Education. We have a strong grasp of the fundamentals of strong instructional design, as well as the critical requirements of good pedagogy and accessibility to provide every learner with an equal opportunity to benefit from digital learning.

We have tried, tested, experimented and created so many different learning experiences throughout the years. We recognise that not every course can be taught in the same way, every tutor has their own unique style, and every learner has a learning approach that works for them. This is why we take pride in working closely with our clients from the moment that you get in touch with us, to understand the needs of your digital learning project, not just from viewpoint of creating effective teaching and learning, but also from a business aspect to ensure that our solutions are cutting edge, as well as affordable and a significant return on your investment.